The Nissan X-Trail 4Dog was built to cater to your pooch

by | Mar 1, 2017

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Paws everything you’re doing: Nissan has made a car aimed directly at dogs, and it’s probably the most ingenious thing you’ll see today. It’s an X-Trail with many, many features aimed at man’s best friend. If it’s fake news, all hope is lost.

There’s a dog ramp, so that your furriest pal no longer has to cast you their most meticulously rehearsed ‘lift me’ eyes each time walks comes to an end.

There’s a dog shower to wash away the grime of said walks, and a dog dryer to ensure the interior stays, um, bone dry.

There’s also a water bowl that won’t spill, a treat dispenser, and—our favorite feature of all—a video and audio link between passengers and dog, so you can effectively Facetime your pooch throughout the journey.

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If you’re thinking we’ve gone mad, then watch the video above and try resisting buying both a dog and a Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs immediately.

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