Report: Will the Toyota 86 live on for a second generation?

*prays for a turbo*
by Jason Tulio | Feb 11, 2019

It seems that Toyota is on a quest to revamp its dependable-but-drab brand persona. According to a report by Jalopnik, the Japanese carmaker has plans to bring the 86 into a second generation. 

Well, sort of. The word actually came from a Subaru spokesperson. As you probably know, the 86/BRZ twins were jointly developed by the two Japanese companies. This all started from a report by a Japanese outlet, which claimed that the beloved sports car would be discontinued. Following this, both carmakers were quick to dismiss the rumors. Subaru spokesperson Ron Kiino then confirmed that his colleagues are indeed working on the second-generation BRZ.

Technically, Toyota hasn’t gone on record saying that there will be a second-gen 86 in its lineup. But this is a joint project, and we assume that any future plans have to be agreed upon by both sides. Until Toyota says otherwise, we’ll assume that we’ll see an all-new 86 in the near future.

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What will be interesting is to see how a second-gen 86 will fit in with another joint project: the all-new Supra. Will the new half-BMW sports car take over what was once the 86’s market share? 

So, any theories on what a second-gen 86 will entail? Will we finally get the turbocharged version we’ve always wanted? Sound off below. 

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