Report: Toyota recalls 1 million cars worldwide due to fire risk

Is the PH affected?
by Drei Laurel | Sep 7, 2018
PHOTO: Toyota

This is not a good look for Toyota. According to a report by CNN, the Japanese carmaker has just announced a recall for the Prius, Prius plug-in hybrid, and C-HR because of fire risks. The scale? About one million cars in markets like the US, Japan and Europe.

CNN says the recall is to address issues regarding the aforementioned models' electrical systems—specifically a problem with their wiring harnesses connected to the cars' power control units—"which in some cases can cause fires." The report adds that half of affected cars are in Japan, and less than 200,000 are in the US. The rest are in other markets.

"If sufficient heat is generated, there is an increased risk of a vehicle fire," a Toyota spokesperson in Tokyo reportedly told CNN. The source declined to comment if the issue has resulted in any injury or death, CNN says.

We've already reached out to Toyota Motor Philippines to ask if any local units of the Prius are affected by the electrical issues, but have yet to receive a reply. We'll update this story as soon as the company gets back to us.

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Are there any worried Prius owners in the country reading this?

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PHOTO: Toyota
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