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Sony Vision-S lands in Tokyo for development, will undergo trials on public roads

Will this make it to production one day?

Earlier this year, Sony grabbed the spotlight at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show by unveiling the Vision-S Prototype—the tech company’s very own car. And boy, what a sight it was.

As far as concepts go, the Vision-S had a lot going for it. First off, it’s a pretty thing to look at. It’s sleek, relatively minimal, and very stealthy thanks to a two-tone matte black and glossy black exterior finish, plus a hint of sportiness is present courtesy of energetic-looking five-spoke wheels and bright red Brembo brake calipers.

Naturally, the vehicle is packed to the brim with tech, too, featuring a massive do-it-all screen on the dashboard, a unique 360 Reality Audio entertainment setup, as well as Sony-made artificial intelligence and cloud technology.

So, yeah, we liked it a lot. We still had to ask, though: Would this thing ever land on a production line, or at the very least, hit the road? Well, we now have a definite answer to at least one of those questions.


Late last month, the Vision-S prototype landed in Tokyo, Japan for testing. The company will be tinkering with the vehicle’s sensing and audio technology, and the car is now currently undergoing further development for trials on public roads scheduled within this fiscal year. You can watch the Vision-S arrive in Tokyo in this short promotional video:

Nice. It’s not much—just a short clip of the prototype being unloaded in an underground parking garage and a few people admiring it on a driveway—but yeah, it will be hitting public roads soon.

So, does this mean there’s a chance the company will actually sell this thing? Perhaps, even if just a tiny one. Would you like to see Sony enter the automotive industry, or should it just stick to headphones, televisions, and gaming consoles? Let us know in the comments.

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