Suzuki set to unveil electric crossover concept called the Futuro-e

To be unveiled at Auto Expo 2020 in India
by Drei Laurel | Jan 24, 2020
PHOTO: Maruti Suzuki

Add this to the ever-growing list of electric vehicle concepts coming out from Japanese car brands: Suzuki has announced it will be unveiling its own EV crossover called the Futuro-e at the 2020 Auto Expo in India.

The Futuro-e, according to Maruti Suzuki India Limited senior executive director of engineering CV Raman, is a coupe-style SUV that will represent a significant departure from the mainstream SUV architecture.

“Offering a sneak-peek into the future of design, Concept Futuro-e represents Maruti Suzuki’s vision for the Indian automobile market. Pegged as an Indian car with global sensibilities, Concept Futuro-e takes into consideration the evolving desires of the country’s aspirational youth,” he explains.

Now, we don’t know just how much weight the executive’s words carry just yet. All the carmaker has revealed about the Futuro-e so far is this design sketch flaunting a sporty silhouette and futuristic lighting units. It is being labeled as a utility vehicle and SUV hybrid, so we expect some sense of ruggedness when it’s finally unveiled.

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“An Indian car with global sensibilities.” It’s an intriguing proposition if you ask us—especially considering how that country’s situation isn’t too far off from ours in the Philippines when it comes to drivability. We’ll find out more about the Futuro-e when it’s revealed in early February.

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PHOTO: Maruti Suzuki
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