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The Suzuki Jimny Beans is the mobile cafe we never knew we wanted

Suzuki UK has turned its quirky 4x4 into a full-on coffee shop on wheels
PHOTO: Suzuki UK

Mobile coffee shops have been all the rage since the start of this pandemic. We’ve seen people open mobile cafes with a Ford Ranger, a Toyota Vios, and even a modified Yamaha RXT 135 motorbike.

But if we were to open our own coffee shop on wheels, the Suzuki Jimny would be our vehicle of choice. Call us biased—the 4x4 was our pick for Car of the Year a few years back, after all—but wouldn’t you agree that the cute little thing would make for a cool mobile cafe?

Now, we’re not just talking about any Jimny—we’d get the Jimny Beans if we had the luxury to choose. This is Suzuki UK’s newest creation, built specifically for Suzuki media and promotional events across all divisions of the company.


The Jimny Beans is based on a Jimny LCV, modified further into a single-seater to accommodate the 57-liter water tank and 3M filtration system stuffed inside the vehicle. An LPG tank was also installed under the rear floor section, and this entailed tweaking the exhaust system and fitting a new side-exit pipe.

There’s a compact 12V drawer fridge to boot, which can cool milk to -2° Celsius. Of course, there’s also the coffee machine fully integrated out back, complemented by an aluminum-plated work area.

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In all, there’s enough space and equipment to make two servings of specialty coffee or one cup of tea at a time. The vehicle can run on either gas or mains electricity (AC) with a power inverter, and it also has two 125Ah 12V batteries to provide additional juice when needed.

This one isn’t for sale, though, and we doubt Suzuki will be selling any of these in the future. At least we now have a good idea for when we finally decide to open our mobile cafes. All that’s left now is to buy a Jimny and some coffee shop equipment, then...

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PHOTO: Suzuki UK
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