Suzuki PH's updated 2018 price list is now out

Many models are still pegged at 2017 prices
by Drei Laurel | Feb 15, 2018

Suzuki is the latest carmaker to reveal its updated 2018 prices, and those planning to buy the all-new Vitara aren't going to be too happy with what they see.

Both the Vitara GL+ and GLX saw a P50,000 increase in price, with each now costing P988,000 and P1,098,000, respectively. On the bright side, the subcompact crossover's base GL variant (which wasn't available at launch) can be had for P913,000. Not bad.

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Also of note is the Jimny, with both its JLX automatic and manual variants seeing a relatively minor price jump. The tiny Japanese off-roader is now P20,000 more expensive than before.

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Suzuki Philippines says that not all of its vehicles will see an immediate increase in cost, as the excise tax adjustments will not apply to existing 2017 stock. Actually there are still a lot of models that can be had at 2017 rates, so if you're looking to buy you might want to inquire while supplies last.

Almost every major carmaker in the country has come out with a new set of price tags because of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law. And from what we've seen, the doomsday scenarios have not come true yet. 

What's your take on Suzuki's prices?

Variant 2017 Price (Peso) 2018 Price (Peso)
Standard W/Airbags 429,000 429,000
1.6 GA MT 588,000 588,000
1.6 GLX MT 778,000 808,000
1.6 UV MT 630,000 630,000
1.0 GL MT 538,000 538,000
1.0 GL CVT 569,000 569,000
1.4 GL MT 748,000 748,000
1.4 GL AT 785,000 785,000
1.4 GLX AT 898,000 898,000
GA MT 675,000 675,000
GL MT 778,000 778,000
GL AT 818,000 818,000
GLX AT 928,000 928,000
JLX MT 840,000 860,000
JLX AT 895,000 915,000
Super Carry
Cargo Van MT 529,000 529,000
Jeepney Body MT 550,000 550,000
Utility Van MT 565,000 580,000
1.2 MT W/NAVI 658,000 658,000
1.2 AT W/NAVI 698,000 698,000
GL AT N/A 913,000
GL+ AT 938,000 988,000
GLX AT 1,048,000 1,098,000

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