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The 1299 Superleggera is the most powerful two-cylinder Ducati ever

215hp and a ton of carbon

Lightweight and ultra-powerful are probably the two choicest words when it comes to describing the recently-unveiled Ducati 1299 Superleggera. The carbon-packed bike is after all the most powerful two-cylinder machine the Italian motorcycle manufacturer has ever produced. Featured at last week's Milan Motorcycle Show, the two-wheeler is propelled by an impressive Superquadro engines capable of up to 215hp at 11,000rpm and 146Nm at 9,000rpm.

Take into account its host of lightweight components (carbon fiber frame, wheels, subframe, fairing and a lighter crankshaft with tungsten balancing pads) and you'll get an idea of just how likely you are to fly off this thing much power is at this bike's disposal. A big chunk of the weight savings is found in the Superquadro engine and lithium battery, which are 2.1kg and 1.7kg lighter than the ones found in the 1299 Panigale, respectively.

What's more, the model is equipped with the company's latest electronics package, featuring Ducati Slide Control, improved Traction Control, Engine Brake Control, Wheelie Control, and the all-new Power Launch feature. There's also a newly calibrated Bosch Cornering ABS system to further keep your braking in check. Electronic features are managed by a six-axis inertial measurement unit, while stopping duties are handled by a pair of 330mm Brembo discs up front and a lone 245mm disc at the rear.


The 1299 Superleggera is provided the looks to match the performance courtesy of a track kit which consists of a completely titanium racing exhaust and dual silencers, racing screen, plate holder and kickstand removal kit. Overall, the bike has a clean build and track-ready demeanor.

The model is set to be produced at an ultra-exclusive quantity of only 500 units. Considering that it's arguably the most technologically advanced bike in Ducati's arsenal, we're not complaining.

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