The Peugeot 3008 is the first-ever SUV to bag European Car of the Year

A well-deserved win
by Drei Laurel | Mar 9, 2017

If you've picked up a copy of our March 2017 issue, you've probably read that the Peugeot 3008 will be arriving in the Philippines this year. Excited? You should be. The French SUV has been making waves overseas—the latest of which being a landmark win in the 2017 European Car of the Year Awards.

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"Hey, it's a great car…so what's the big deal?" Well, the achievement is pretty historic. The 3008 is now the first-ever SUV to bag European Car of the Year honors since the creation of the trophy in 1964. So yes, that is a big deal.

Accolades like this should give the 3008 a running start when it finally lands on our shores. What's more, the SUV is the fifth Peugeot vehicle to win the honor along with the 308 in 2014, the 307 in 2002, the 405 in 1988 and the 504 in 1969.

"We are ecstatic that the new Peugeot 3008 has just been awarded the 2017 Car of the Year Award at the Geneva International Motor Show," says Peugeot Philippines president Glen Dasig. "Nearly 100,000 customers have already placed orders for it in Europe. We can't wait to have this amazing vehicle in the Philippines very soon." Frankly, we share the same sentiments. We've heard a ton about this car since its unveiling early last year, and all that's left to do is get behind the wheel and feel it on Philippine roads.

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Hopefully, the 3008's immense success in Europe is an indication of how the upscale SUV will be received by Filipinos. With its handsome looks, feature-rich package, and gorgeous new i-Cockpit design inside, we wouldn't be surprised if the 3008 were to gain its fair share of accolades here in the local market as well. 


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