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Toyota Vios gets new Dual VVT-i engines and CVT

How much are the variants now?

You may not notice it just by looking, but the Toyota Vios, the best-selling car in the Philippine market, just got significantly better. That's because the subcompact sedan has just received new NR-series Dual VVT-i engines and a continuously variable transmission.

According to Toyota Motor Philippines, the new engines have better fuel economy thanks to dual variable valve timing. The company will release the average fuel-mileage figures once it is done with the tests. Meanwhile, the CVT features a "seven-speed-like" sequential shift mode.

The 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i engine is rated at 106hp and 140Nm, while the 1.3-liter Dual VVT-i motor produces 98hp and 123Nm. By comparison, the previous NZ-FE engines had the following output: 107hp and 142Nm for the 1.5-liter, and 85hp and 122Nm for the 1.3-liter.

The Vios now also has two all-new colors--Alumina Jade Metallic and Blackish Red Mica--in addition to the standard ones (Freedom White, Black, Silver Metallic, Orange Metallic, Blue Mica Metallic and Red Mica Metallic). There's also a special White Pearl color option for an extra P15,000.

The prices?

* 1.5 TRD White Pearl - P991,000

* 1.5 TRD - P976,000

* 1.5 G AT White Pearl - P917,000

* 1.5 G AT - P902,000

* 1.5 G MT White Pearl - P867,000

* 1.5 G MT - P852,000

* 1.3 E AT - P800,000

* 1.3 E MT - P750,000

* 1.3 J MT - P637,000

* 1.3 Base MT - P599,000

Watch for our test-drive impressions of these new Dual VVT-i engines.


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PHOTO: Vernon B. Sarne
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