Jenson Button shows us how to drive a Civic Type R

Another track record falls
by | Aug 12, 2018

For the last few weeks Honda’s been setting front-wheel drive, production car records at various European race tracks. The car? Our favorite big hot-hatch, the Civic Type R.

First came Estoril, then Silverstone, Spa, and Magny Cours. For its fifth and final record, Honda packaged off a Type R to the Hungaroring, where it would attempt to beat its own record, set two years ago in the old Type R. Its driver would be none other than former F1 driver and certified TG Hero Jenson Button.

Hungary was where Jenson won his first Grand Prix (with Honda, in 2006), so he knows the place well. In setting the new 2min 10.19sec record, Jenson said he was impressed with how late he was able to brake, and the car’s front-wheel drive balance.

Watch Jenson at work in the video above. Looks like he isn’t even trying, right?

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