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Updated Ford Fiesta to sport keyless entry and ignition

No more fishing for the key from your bag or pocket


Driving the Ford Fiesta will become an easier affair now that Ford Philippines is introducing the keyless entry and ignition system in the updated model.

\"We\'re seeing more and more applications in which keys are giving way to more advanced technologies, like key cards, passcodes and even biometric scanners,\" said Ford Philippines marketing AVP Prudz Castillo. \"A lot of these technologies are driven by a desire for improved security, but consumers have also been enthusiastically adopting them for the convenience they offer. We think the car is the next logical step.\"

According to Ford Philippines, as an emergency backup, the transponder fob of the upgraded Fiesta contains a conventional key inside in case the car owner or driver needs to open or start the car using the keyhole in the driver\'s door or steering wheel mount, respectively. Accidentally locking the key inside the car is also reportedly impossible since smart sensors will detect that the key is still inside the car and prevent the doors from locking.

Ford Philippines will be launching the updated Fiesta later this month.

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