World\'s fastest man gets his own gold Nissan GT-R

One of only two samples in the world
May 10, 2013


In December, Nissan, together with Olympian and world-record holder Usain Bolt, auctioned off a one-off GT-R that had numerous gold trims, from the exterior finish to its interior fittings finished in real gold.

In appreciation of his contributions as Nissan\'s brand ambassador for the GT-R, Bolt was recently given his own gold GT-R that \"has been customized to suit Bolt\'s driving style\" based on data its engineers recorded during his test drive of the model when he visited the company headquarters in October 2012.

According to Nissan, the uniquely gold-painted GT-R features a white interior, Bose audio system, and 10-spoke Rays aluminum-alloy forged wheels. Serving as the car\'s highlight is an exclusive \"Spec Bolt\" emblem. The carmaker added that visual specifications of the car, including the exterior color, interior color and wheels, were selected by Bolt himself.

Bolt took delivery of the GT-R in his home training facility in Jamaica with Nissan Latin America/Caribbean vice president Jose Roman handing over the keys on Nissan\'s behalf. This makes Bolt the owner of one of only two Gold GT-Rs in existence, the other belonging to the charity auction winner who will take delivery of his special car later this year.

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