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Seeing a brand-new model for the first time—whether in the metal or in digital form—can be an exhilarating experience for even the most jaded of gearheads. But it can also pique the interest of casual observers who may be waiting for a launch to take place before pulling the trigger on the brand-new car. Regardless of what category you fall into, Top Gear Philippines' Car News section has what you need.

Here, you'll find information on car news in the Philippines before you have a chance to read it on any other website. And we not only cover cars that arrive here, but also international launches that may be of interest to you.

So whether you're looking forward to the all-new, Philippine-spec Japanese subcompact sedan, or you want to read about a brand-new, ultra-rare Italian supercar, or even if you want to see the latest from local and global aftermarket shows, this section covers all that and more.
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Could it be the return of the Boondock edition?
Inspired by Formula E, online sim racing and Nissan’s hatchback heritage
There’s a whole load of quilted leather...even on the floor
“Electric powertrains are our future, and superior to combustion engines”
by Cat Dow
It wouldn’t be based on any existing Toyota truck model
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    TGP Rating:
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