Chevrolet Cruze diesel dubbed 'worry-free' by auto journalists

At the recently held Car of the Year Awards
Apr 11, 2012

Chevrolet Cruze

Car awards--especially in this country--are a dime a dozen, with award-giving bodies and various publications dispensing plaques and trophies left and right. Still, if there's ever a distinction that could certainly do wonders for the reputation of any vehicle, it's probably an award for being "worry-free."

Well, at the recent 2011/2012 Car of the Year Awards held at the Manila International Auto Show, the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel bagged the Standard Insurance Worry-Free Award, as voted upon by automotive journalists. The Cruze Diesel won the award by being offered with a five-year warranty as well as access to the 24/7 Chevy Roadside Assistance Program. The car is also loaded with other worry-free amenities like the Battery Run Down Protection system, which prevents accidental power drains.

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"We are so grateful for the recognition, especially since good after-sales service and worry-free ownership have always been among our priorities at Chevrolet, and this holds true for the rest of our product lineup as well," said Lyn Buena, Chevrolet Philippines' senior vice president for marketing and customer services.

Want to put this award to the test? Go to your nearest Chevrolet dealership and request for a test drive of the Cruze Diesel.

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