Clarkson, May spotted driving Chinese cars

Where else but in China
Dec 8, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Clarkson, May spotted in China driving Chinese cars

You've asked for it and very soon you'll get it--but only if you download it illegally through torrents--as Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May have been spotted driving Chinese cars.

What's even better is that, probably to get a better feel for the cars, the pair flew to China to drive not just one car.

According to, Clarkson and May were spotted checking out a JAC Binyue, a Great Wall Haval M2, a Shuanghuan Noble (a copy of a Smart Fortwo), a Shuanghuan SCO (a BMW X5 clone) and a Lifan 320 (a Chinese Mini).

What the article didn't mention though is if Clarkson and May dropped by the set of the Chinese Top Gear TV show.

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