Did you score Fast & Furious tickets?

Apr 3, 2009


Top Gear Philippines has learned that readers get fast and furious over the most mundane to the most profound things.

Here's a list of the best answers from our "What makes you fast and furious?" promo:

"A gallon of cookies and cream or rocky road all to myself makes me real fast. Realizing that I finished off P400 worth of ice cream in 30 minutes makes me furious." - Mark Ace Mallo

"Fast: A nice and long stretch of tarmac. Furious: Philippine public transportation." - Ramon Gaddi

"Call of nature in the middle of traffic. Who wouldn't get fast and furious with that?" - Warren Alulod

"Tricycles hogging the inner lanes." - Bryan Chua

"Being told that current copies of TGP are already available at my fave mag stand. Getting there are seeing the last copy being bought." - Ian Valenzuela

Each winner gets two tickets to the screening of Fast & Furious. Winners will be notified via email on how to claim their prize.

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