DPWH completes road works on MacArthur Highway

Traffic should be much better now
Feb 22, 2013


Expect the traffic on MacArthur Highway to be a whole lot better now after the Department of Public Works and Highways has reportedly completed its traffic engineering and management project activities on the thoroughfare.

According to the agency, the movement of vehicles on the highway has significantly improved with the installation of state-of-the-art LED traffic signals in 53 intersections.

The DPWH also undertook the geometric improvement of 14 intersections. These include the construction of concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, disabled ramps, and islands that have been designed to improve the level of service and safety at critical intersections. It also involves the provision of designated pedestrian lanes, loading/unloading zones, and stop lines supplemented by the standard road signs and pavement markings aimed at regulating and segregating traffic movement and potential conflicts.

Road capacity improvement measures were also instituted by the agency on the MacArthur Highway. These include road paving, rehabilitation, upgrading, and widening of the road sections up to the existing road right-of-way, thereby increasing the number of lanes from the previous two-lane setup to four lanes, with two lanes per direction.

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So, if you happen to pass by MacArthur Highway in the near future, do let us know if the traffic has indeed improved.

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