Finished Toyota 86 video by local filmmaker released


Toyota 86 video

Last month, we reported here that Toyota Motor Philippines had commissioned local filmmaker Sid Maderazo to produce a video of the then recently launched 86 sports car. At that time, we only had a half-minute teaser to show you.

Well, Toyota has formally released a collection of 86 videos shot and produced by Maderazo, which the company distributed during a media party thrown to celebrate its 24th anniversary. Below is our favorite of the above-mentioned videos. It features, among others, TMP president Michinobu Sugata (or a body double, because we couldn't really see his face) donning a race suit and having a go in one of the cars.

Watch the video and see a group of Filipino drifters--including Alex Perez and David Feliciano--show off the tarmac skills of the 86. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sid Maderazo sent us the "director's cut, in all its HD goodness." So, we've changed the video below to said HD and complete version.


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