Ford in-car entertainment goes all-digital

As CDs go the way of the cassette tapes
Jul 25, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ford going all-digital with its car stereo systems

The days of the in-dash CD player of car-stereo systems may soon be numbered as automotive companies like Ford are now scrapping it in response to the market's demand for all-digital systems with increased connectivity features.

"In-car entertainment technology is moving digital more rapidly than almost any other element of the vehicle experience," said Sheryl Connelly, Ford's global trends and futuring manager. "The in-car CD player--much like pay telephones--is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology."

Already, Ford has ditched the once-popular multi-disc CD changers in the all-new Ford Focus for the European market while USB and Bluetooth connection--both of which cater to the increasing popularity of iPods and other digital music players--are now standard equipment. On top of those two connectivity options, Ford also has auxiliary inputs for MP3 devices.

"Ford will obviously continue to offer CD players while there is demand," said Ralf Brosig, multimedia manager of Ford Europe. "However, over time we expect customer preferences will lead us quickly into an all-digital approach to in-car audio entertainment."

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