Frankfurt preview: Audi urban-concept Sportback, Spyder

The German carmaker's take on the electric city car
Aug 18, 2011
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Audi will unveil two variants of its take on what an innovative car for congested urban areas should look like in the appropriately named urban-concept Sportback and urban-concept Spyder.

Audi's urban concept is a 1+1-seater, lightweight car that doesn't fit any conventional category as the German carmaker combined the elements of a race car, a fun car and an urban car into one radical new concept.

The Audi urban concept has a sleek body, with its free-standing 21-inch wheels protected by surrounding plates that feature blinking LED strips.

Inside, the passenger and driver sit in sporty, slightly staggered low-slung seats. To accommodate drivers of different sizes, the urban concept's steering wheel and pedals can be individually adjusted by the driver to fit his or her own body measurements. As the development focus of the urban concept was focused on lightweight construction, efficiency and weight reduction, its cockpit consists of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer that is integrated to the undercarriage of both seats.

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Powering the urban concept are two e-tron electric motors, enabling the ultralight car to accelerate powerfully while a lithium-ion battery supplies the energy to power the car for extended trips around the city.

Access to the urban concept Sportback's interior is through the one-piece sliding roof and door while the urban concept Spyder gets slightly more conventional doors that open upwards diagonally.

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