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Aug 3, 2011

If you're a regular reader of our magazine, you should know that we like giving away stuff around here. To prove this, our just-released August 2011 edition--which also happens to be our 5th Annual Green Issue--comes with a free 12-page road-trip guide. Called Trailblazing, the pocket guide is a handy companion that can help make road trips fun-filled and hassle-free.

Among the helpful features of this compact guide are:

* Great destinations in the north and the south (complete with highlights, directions and contact details);

* A comprehensive checklist for preparing your car;

* Practical motoring tips;

* A roster of clean and accessible fuel stations along the way;

* Even examples of good driving music.

Keep this road-trip guide in your glovebox permanently. You never know when the significant other might get bitten by the travel bug.


Trailblazing road-trip guide

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