Goodyear Philippines rolls out Highway Helper app

Car maintenance and troubleshooting tips are just an app away
Apr 11, 2012 Philippine Car News - Goodyear Philippines rolls out Highway Helper app

Goodyear Philippines is making this summer's road trips safer and trouble-free by making available its Highway Helper app for Android smartphone users for the first time "in response to the explosive growth of smartphone users in Asia who are using apps as a life-enhancement productivity tool."

The Goodyear Highway Helper app was developed to cater to the needs of motorists on the road by giving them quick access to emergency phone numbers such as the police, taxicabs and towing services. In addition, users have easy access to information on car repair, maintenance and troubleshooting tips as well as a list of all Goodyear-branded service center locations nationwide. The app also comes with games that can be unlocked by answering short quizzes on car and tire maintenance, with users being able to upload and share their scores on Facebook.

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According to Goodyear, its Highway Helper is the first smartphone application in the automotive industry and the first for the tiremaker globally. With the app receiving a 4.5-star rating since its launch on the Apple AppStore, Goodyear was prodded to improve its features and offer it to Android smartphone users "to cater to more motorists who need highway assistance anytime, anywhere."

"The new and improved Goodyear Highway Helper app will empower motorists with safety information during times when they need it the most," said Gerry Alava, managing director of Goodyear Philippines. With the rising number of global automotive application users, demand for such apps will transform traditional driving into a more convenient and confident experience."

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