Gumpert packs more speed as economy slows

Gumpert will unveil a faster version of its street-legal race car just after Top Gear recognized the Apollo on Power Board as the fastest car ever on the show's test track.


Dubbed the Apollo Speed, the updated supercar can go from 0 to 100 kilometers-per-hour in 3.0 seconds and reach 200 km/h in a blistering 8.9 seconds before topping out at 360 km/h, all thanks to a bi-turbo V8 engine that holds 700 horses inside.


For those who prefer a more sedate performance, the Apollo Speed can also be had with a slightly detuned engine that puts out "just" 650 horsepower while the more maniacal ones can have an equally maniacal 800-horsepower variant.


Riding a little lower than the ‘regular' Gumpert Apollos, the Apollo Speed runs faster than its brothers - thanks to a new low-restriction induction system that delivers fresh air to its engine while new wheel arches upfront, a revised rear end, and a new adjustable spoiler aids the Apollo Speed's aerodynamic efficiency.


The Apollo Speed will pamper its riders with a cabin that's available in either leather or Alcantara while still showing off its racecar-capabilities through its competition-style removable steering wheel and its 4-point safety harnesses.


Although Gumpert has only made available a teaser image of the Apollo Speed, the manufacturer has made known that the supercar will be made available with a two-tone paint scheme reminiscent of another supercar, the Bugatti Veyrone.


The Apollo Speed will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4.
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