Honda gives fleet-management advocacy a boost

See how well its vehicles did in a fuel-economy training
Sep 26, 2011

Honda clean fleet management training

Honda Foundation (HFI) teamed up with the Department of Energy, the Philippine Business for the Environment and the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities in its bid to raise awareness in fuel-efficient and safe driving among its fleet clients.

HFI, composed of Honda Cars Philippines, Honda Philippines, Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation and Honda Trading Philippines, recently invited representatives from the Office of the President, Department of Transportation and Communication, Land Transportation Office, Metro Manila Development Authority, Maynilad, Manila Water and Globe Telecom to collectively help address pressing issues on air pollution, climate change and energy sustainability.

"Faced with finite fuel resources, high fuel prices and worsening air quality, we must put our efforts together and act immediately before it's too late," said Voltaire Gonzales, Honda Cars Philippines' head of vehicle sales and corporate communications. "Since 1996, HCPI has pioneered in providing fuel efficiency awareness through our Honda Challenge Cup activity. For fifteen years now, we have been teaching safe and fuel efficient driving techniques under normal conditions."

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Gonzales added that Honda has been spreading awareness about how the simple formula: DRIVER plus VEHICLE plus FUEL equals FUEL ECONOMY.

Aside from this formula, Gonzales said "application of correct driving style, use of a well-maintained vehicle that is designed with fuel saving technology and use of high quality fuel can easily extend one's fuel mileage and reduce harmful emissions."

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In line with Honda's clean fleet management advocacy, various models of the brands were subjected to a fuel-economy run in city roads and highways that yielded the following average consumption:

Honda City 1.5 - 20.29km per liter (Gary Berba and Mike Bustos of Globe Telecom)
Honda City 1.3 - 16.97km per liter (Joji Ubas and Benedict Buenvenida of Globe Telecom and Manila Water)
Honda Jazz 1.3 - 18.47km per liter (Office of the President)
Honda Civic 1.8 - 16.70km per liter (Florante Malaluan and Gerald Saludez of Maynilad)

Here are quotes from the participants during the training for eco-safety driving:

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"There is actually more to it than just leisurely driving.  If you have your own kids or nephews, you would realize that with the situation we are into right now, one should just walk rather than use the car for short-distance trips. You will not only get to save on gas money but also help conserve the environment for the welfare of our children." - Benedict Buenvenida of Manila Water

"I don't go beyond 2,000rpm and just maintain 80km per hour on highways. I am glad that today's car technologies assist drivers to instantly monitor one's fuel consumption. The Honda City we drove has a fuel meter to remind me the efficiency level of my driving performance." - Raffy Lavides of the Department of Transportation and Communications

Do you practice fuel-efficient and safe driving? Share your strategies in the comment box below.

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