Hyundai provides US models with brake-pedal throttle override

Before it's even required by law
May 7, 2012

Hyundai is one step ahead of the United States government: Before the latter even passes it into law, the Korean carmaker has now equipped all its models for the market with a brake-pedal electronic throttle-override capability.

Starting with its May 2012 production, Hyundai will equip 100 percent of all its US-market models with "the assuring safeguard of brake-pedal throttle-override capability."

According to Hyundai, though the US government's mandate for a brake-pedal throttle-override capability is already under consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, its final approval and subsequent timing have yet to be determined. The carmaker even claims that it could take months or even years before the mandate is approved.

"Hyundai development teams have been less concerned about final government mandate timing, focusing instead on the immediate safety and assurance of their customers," the carmaker said in a statement.

The call for a system that overrides the electronic throttle with the brake pedal, comes after the spate of sudden unintended acceleration claims that befell Toyota's vehicles from 2007 to 2010.

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