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15 images: The women of the 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show

Because why not?

As we always say here, no car show is complete without the booth babes that prettify the show cars, and the ongoing 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show is no different.

Now, we've been to countless motor shows across the globe, and the one thing that we noticed about the models at the IIMS is that they were conservatively dressed--or at least they showed a lot less skin than what we're used to seeing, especially in our local car shows. Then again, if you live in a country whose annual car sales have breached one million units for the past few years, you don't really need scantily clad women to attract customers to your pavilion.

Enjoy the photos! (We apologize for taking just 15 pictures; we were really focused on the cars.)

Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippine Car News - The girls of the 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show

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