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You can buy a brand-new Maxus G50 eight-seater MPV for *P103k off until March 31

*If you pay in cash, that is
PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Is seven seats inside an MPV not enough? Then an eight-seater like the Maxus G50 might be more to your liking. If you’re considering this model, as well as a handful of others from the Chinese brand, you’ll be happy to know that Maxus has a pretty big promo that lasts until the end of March 2022.

Until March 31, Maxus Philippines is offering the G50, D60, D90, G10, and V80 with big cash discounts. Check out the promo below

2022 Maxus G50, D60, D90, G10, and V80 promo

Maxus G50

  1. Maxus G50 Premium AT - P50,000 cash discount
  2. Maxus G50 Elite AT - P103,000 cash discount
  3. Maxus G50 Pro AT - P103,000 cash discount

Maxus D60

  1. Maxus D60 Elite AT - P80,000 cash discount
  2. Maxus D60 Pro AT - P104,000 cash discount

Maxus D90

  1. Maxus D90 Premium 4x4 - P100,000 cash discount
  2. Maxus D90 Premium 4x2 - P100,000 cash discount

Maxus G10

  1. Maxus G10 Elite AT - P80,000 cash discount
  2. Maxus G10 w/ Assist Package dealer option - P80,000 cash discount

Maxus V80

  1. Maxus V80 Transport MT 18-seater - P30,000 cash discount
  2. Maxus V80 Transport MT 15-seater - P30,000 cash discount
  3. Maxus V80 Comfort MT - P140,000 cash discount
  4. Maxus V80 Flex MT Cargo Van - P150,000 cash discount

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Besides the cash discounts, Maxus Philippines is also offering all of its models with low downpayment and low monthly installment plans via Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or RCBC. The G50 Pro, for example, carries a low P8,000 downpayment. The Maxus T60 4x2 MT pickup, meanwhile, is available for as low as P17,931 per month.

So, do any of these deals sound enticing to you?

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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