The 2022 MG 5 subcompact sedan is currently available for less than P600,000

Not bad for one of the larger subcompacts around
by Drei Laurel | Aug 22, 2022
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PHOTO: Anton Andres

Extra cabin real estate is always a big plus when it comes to subcompact cars. If you’re someone who’s looking to get as much interior space as possible with your next purchase, the MG 5 might be worth checking out.

Now, MG Philippines is sweetening deals for its subcompact sedan even further through its Driven to be Extraordinary promo.

Until September 30, the base MG 5 Core MT sedan is being offered at a very affordable P598,888 to cash buyers. We recently had the opportunity to review the vehicle and deemed it an overall strong value proposition.

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If you aren’t too keen on driving around in a manual, the vehicle’s Core CVT Plus is available at P683,888 provided you pay in cash. Besides a continuously variable transmission (CVT), this variant also boasts a relatively large 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system.


Other MG models included in the Driven to be Extraordinary promo include the HS, ZS, and RX5. You can check out the full list of available deals below:

MG Driven to be Extraordinary promo

  1. MG ZS MT Style - P90,000 cash discount, P18,000 low downpayment
  2. MG ZS AT Style - P50,000 cash discount, P65,000 low downpayment
  3. MG ZS AT Style Plus - P50,000 cash discount, P75,000 low downpayment
  4. MG ZS AT Alpha - P80,000 cash discount, P48,000 low downpayment
  5. MG ZST Trophy - P50,000 cash discount, P75,000 low downpayment
  6. MG HS Alpha - P50,000 cash discount, P75,000 low downpayment
  7. MG HS Trophy - P50,000 cash discount, P85,000 low downpayment
  8. MG RX5 MT Core - P200,000 cash discount
  9. MG RX5 AT Style - P160,000 cash discount
  10. MG RX5 AT Alpha - P60,000 cash discount, P120,000 low downpayment
  11. MG 6 Trophy - P60,000 cash discount, P88,000 low downpayment
  12. MG 5 MT Core - P60,000 cash discount, P48,000 low downpayment
  13. MG 5 CVT Core - P55,000 cash discount, P58,000 low downpayment
  14. MG 5 Core Plus - P55,000 cash discount, P63,000 low downpayment
  15. MG 5 CVT Style - P70,000 cash discount, P48,000 low downpayment
  16. MG 5 CVT Alpha - P65,000 cash discount, P75,000 low downpayment
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Again, these offers will only be available until September 30. What MG model are you interested in?

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PHOTO: Anton Andres
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