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A-1 Driving to use Starmobile gadgets in teaching students

To cope with the changing times

A-1 Driving School partners with Starmobile

Several years ago, motorists were left dumbfounded at the thought of having touchscreen controls inside their vehicles. Today, no modern ride would be complete without one. Technology has made its way into our cars faster than anyone could anticipate.

With that in mind, it's about time driving schools incorporated more modern technology in their courses. We are, after all, talking about future motorists, so it only makes sense that driving schools use every gadget at their disposal to make sure their students become responsible and well-informed road-users in a techie world.

 A-1 Driving School is doing just that. The company is partnering with local tech brand Starmobile to incorporate the use of the latter's products in teaching students.

The Filipino smartphone maker will provide units of its Engage 10 Pro tablet and Up Max smartphones to help make A-1 Driving's program more engaging. The two companies are also looking to collaborate in developing educational content on road safety, courtesy and the responsible use of mobile technology while behind the wheel.

"We have found a partner in Starmobile, whose lineup of devices and deep expertise in technology have enabled them to meet the requirements of our program," said A-1 Driving assistant vice president Aljun Garcia.

A-1 Driving, by the way, is also a partner of Top Gear Philippines, which explains our stickers on the school's cars.

Starmobile product development head Michael Chen shared Garcia's sentiments: "We are happy to offer our devices to help A-1 Driving in its mission to create not just skilled but disciplined drivers. We believe that we can move closer to making our dream of having better roads a reality by becoming better drivers."

Hopefully, more driving schools follow suit. With all the idiotic inexperienced drivers out there desperately needing proper motoring education, any school is going to need all the help it can get.


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