Angkas keeps it real, acknowledges flaws in new food delivery service

“So please don’t expect anthing major or fancy”
by Drei Laurel | 6 days ago
PHOTO: Angkas

It’s rare that companies flat out admit faults and shortcomings, especially to as unforgiving an audience as that on social media. But considering the circumstances, we think it’s safe to say Angkas deserves a pass.

The motorcycle-taxi company recently addressed concerns with its hastily developed food delivery service over social media, acknowledging that it crashes for many users and that there are a number of issues surrounding the delivery process itself. Look:

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“Thank you very much for the overwhelming response to our new food venture, kahit nangangapa pa kami,” the statement reads before enumerating some of the issues surrounding the service and what the company is doing to address them.

“Now, as much as we are working to improve things, we have to clarify na this service is only temporary, mostly for the duration of the COVID community quarantine,” Angkas goes on to explain. “Di rin namin kayang mag-invest ng maraming pera ngayon para maki-epal sa iba at pantulong lang talaga ito sa mga bikers namin at syempre para sa community.

Angkas further stressed that it has no plans to continue to food delivery service once the COVID-19 pandemic dies down and that in the meantime, it hopes customers will not “expect anything major or fancy.”

“We’re really just all in this together habang naka-WFH pa ako.”

Keeping it real. We like that. Do you hope Angkas reconsiders its decision not to continue its food delivery service past this health crisis? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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PHOTO: Angkas
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