Look: Grounded Boeing 737 Max planes now sit in a parking lot

Flat rate?
by Drei Laurel | Jun 25, 2019
PHOTO: King 5 News

The next time you’re having trouble squeezing that minivan into a grocery parking lot, remember: You could always have it worse—like, maneuvering-a-plane-inside-a-car-park levels of stress.

Remember the Boeing 737 Max conundrum that began earlier this year? You know, how these aircraft are potentially unsafe? Well, it’s resulted in a ton of them being grounded until further notice—and some of them have been seen gathering dust next to cars in a mundane parking lot.

The planes were recently caught on video at the American aircraft manufacturer’s Renton factory. While most of the aircraft seem to have been parked in areas specifically reserved for winged vehicles, at least a couple of units had to make do with what is reportedly the facility’s employee parking area.

Check out this birds-eye footage captured via helicopter by a local television station:

Upon closer inspection, there does seem to be a decent amount of room to move about in there. It’s entirely possible that parking a compact sedan in Metro Manila’s claustrophobic environment is more of a challenge. What do you think? Any pilots among our readers willing to chime in?

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PHOTO: King 5 News
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