Caltex shows how clean its fuels are during a recent test

Conducted on Asian vehicles
by Jason Tulio | Dec 24, 2018
PHOTO: Caltex

Every fuel company naturally claims that its products are the (insert superlative) of all fuels in the land. Caltex, however, has actually gone out of its way to prove its fuels’ cleanliness with a borescope test.

In October, the fuel company inspected 94 cars from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand, totaling 694 valves. The tests on the vehicles using Caltex with Techron netted an average of 9.7 out of 10 across Asia and 9.8 in the Philippines, according to the Cooperative Research Council’s Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) rating. In comparison, other vehicles using lower-quality fuel averaged just 8.9 out of 10. The Karl Storz borescope test examines the interior of a vehicle’s fuel system.

“The recent borescope test once again helps demonstrate to local motorists that not all fuels are created equal,” shares Greg Engeler, Chevron’s product engineering manager for Asia Pacific. “Since our last test in 2013, Caltex fuels continue to work at keeping parts clean, thereby contributing to five performance benefits—maximized power, better fuel economy, lower emissions, a smoother drive, and reliable performance.”

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Engeler also noted that this is the first time Caltex with Techron had been tested in the local market under Asian-centric conditions and climates.

Congratulations, Caltex!

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PHOTO: Caltex
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