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Changan PH is offering up to P70k in discounts this month

Available with the carmaker’s sedan and SUVs
PHOTO: Changan

Carmakers have started collecting additional deposits to cope with the Department of Trade and Industry’s new safeguard duties. Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI), however, is doing sort of the opposite.

For the month of April, CMPI is not only offering tariff-free units to its customers, but it is also throwing in some discounts across its lineup. The Alsvin, CS35 Plus, and the CS75 Plus are all available with cash discounts of up to P70,000. Check out the table below for more details:

Changan Motor PH Discount Table

Model with variant



Introductory offer

2021 Changan Alsvin 1.4L MT 579,000 40,000 539,000
2021 Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT 639,000 40,000 599,000
2021 Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT Platinum 679,000 40,000 639,000
2021 Changan CS35 Plus 1,069,000 70,000 999,000
2021 Changan CS75 Plus 1,299,000 70,000 1,229,000

All brand-new Changan purchases come with a 5-year, 150,000km warranty and free preventive maintenance services for the first year or up to 20,000km, something that CMPI made available when it re-entered the market in November 2020.

So, for those of you in the market for a new car, will you be checking this promo out?

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PHOTO: Changan
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