European Union now requires 95% of a vehicle to be recyclable

Up from 85% in 2006
Jan 5, 2015 Philippine Car News - European Union now requires 95% of a vehicle to be recyclable

Effective January 1, 2015, the European Union requires that 85% of every scrapped vehicle must be recycled or reused while an additional 10% can be used "for energy recovery from the combustion of non-recyclable residues" for a total of 95%.

The measure is part of the "End of Life" vehicle directive passed by the European Commission in 2000, which "aims to decrease the quantity of waste arising from vehicles." According to the EU, every end-of-life vehicle in the region currently generates 8-9 million tons of waste.

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The provision of the directive, however, only applies to cars, SUVs, MPVs and light-duty trucks. It is not applicable to special-purpose vehicles or small-scale models with less than 500 units produced annually.

The newly implemented 95% rate of reuse and recovery of a vehicle "in average weight per vehicle and year" follows the 85% rate that was set on January 1, 2006.

God only knows if we'll ever see a similar measure enforced locally.

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