Goodyear now giving away premium items for new-tire purchases

Including limited-edition car tools
Dec 18, 2013


Until January 31, 2014, Goodyear Philippines is giving away premium items to customers who will buy any of the rubber products the American tiremaker produces.

Customers who purchase a set of four tires from specified model lines--Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Eagle F1 Directional 5, Eagle EfficientGrip, EfficientGrip SUV, Wrangler AT/SA, Assurance TripleMax, Assurance Fuel Max or Wrangler HP All Weather--will received a  limited-edition car tool kit. Customers who purchase two tires, meanwhile, will receive a limited-edition Goodyear Racing umbrella.

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A limited-edition air pressure gauge (yes, everything is limited-edition, apparently) will be given to customers who purchase a set of four Assurance ArmorGrip, Wrangler D-Sport or Wrangler DT tires, while the purchase of two pieces of these tires entitles the buyer to the Goodyear Racing umbrella.

Also, buyers of two or more Cargo G26, DuraPlus or GT3 tires will also be given the Goodyear Racing umbrella.

Just in case your tires are now up for replacement, you know.

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