GrabFood no-shows may soon face penalties, Grab says

It’s time to put a stop to this practice
by Drei Laurel | Jun 19, 2019

Over the past few weeks, posts highlighting the plight of riders of GrabFood, Grab’s app-based food-delivery platform, have been making rounds on social media. The problem? Customer ‘cancellations,’ and how helpless Grab’s delivery personnel are in dealing with them.

How much traction has this issue gained? A petition called ‘Remove Cancel option in Grabfood Philippines’ has amassed a total of 20,646 signatures as of this writing.

Here’s the thing: According to Grab, its app does not even feature a ‘cancel’ button.

True enough, the company sent us a statement accompanied by a video, showing that the delivery service’s ‘cancel’ function doesn’t work once an order is made.

Tap on cancel, and you’re greeted by a pop-up that reads the following: “Your order is being prepared and can’t be canceled at this point. Call Grab if you really need to cancel.”

Grab said that the real culprit behind the issue is customer no-shows. These are individuals who place an order, and simply refuse to show up once it is ready for pickup. The firm added that these incidents only account for 0.01% of GrabFood’s total transactions and that it will continue to do what it can to prevent this, saying customers who abuse its platform will soon face penalties.

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The company also stated that it has a reimbursement policy in place for delivery riders: “This reimbursement policy is made known to all delivery-partners upon activation on the platform.”

“As Grab continues to provide everyday services to many Filipinos, it also strives to maintain a platform that works for both for its customers and also its delivery-partners. For every customer no-show, the livelihood of a delivery-partner is affected—causing them to lose valuable time and daily capital,” Grab’s statement reads.

“Grab enjoins everyone to use its services responsibly—be mindful of orders placed and the effort that our delivery-partners put in to deliver your orders.”

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