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Here's a video recap of the 2016 Manila International Auto Show

In case you missed it

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As the sun bore down on the metro early this month, the only thing that convinced us to leave the air-conditioned confines of our offices and homes was the biggest motoring event of the year. The 2016 Manila International Auto Show was basically what you would expect if you had been attending the annual event in the past, and this consistency is what makes it special.

On the surface, this is quite an inconvenient event. Parking is a pain, walking from the parking lot to the exhibit hall is an invitation to a heat stroke, the food area is cramped, and for us legitimate media, press day is crawling with "journalists" whose credentials are as authentic as a politician’s promises.

But when we see the shiny new metal on display and feel the festive car culture, all is forgiven. Most of the cars were new to us, and we were just as awestruck as any gearhead. In the end, this is what we go to motor shows for, and MIAS never fails to deliver on that end.

Of course, a bigger and airier food area next year wouldn’t hurt (take note, organizers).


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