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How many units of the Mirage G4 does Mitsubishi expect to sell?

And how many Vios units does Toyota sell?


According to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines senior adviser for manufacturing Masaaki Yamada, they expect to sell around 1,000 units of the newly launched Mirage G4 sedan every month. By comparison, the Mirage hatchback sells around 600 units a month. Yamada also told that the Mirage sedan might eat a little bit into the sales of its hatchback sibling.

Needless to say, the Mirage G4 will be aiming to dethrone the best-selling car in the market, the Toyota Vios. For the record, the Vios sold 2,125 units in August, the first full month of its availability since its launch in July. The car exceeded that figure in September, moving 2,251 units.

That, more or less, is the challenge that awaits the Mirage G4. Do you think Mitsubishi\'s new subcompact sedan can beat the Vios? Take our poll.


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