How social media can land you a track day in Sepang

Join Michelin Pilot Sport Experience contest
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jul 14, 2016

If you think about it, track days are hot, noisy, uncomfortable experiences. The weather is sweltering, especially in Malaysia, and you’re always thirsty. But when done well, track events are the best ways to experience a sports car, not to mention how good its tires are.

That’s why French tiremaker Michelin is inviting the public to try out its "Pilot Sport Experience" at the Sepang International Circuit. But before you all renew your passports and troop to Michelin’s local office, know that there’s a screening process involved. Of the 25 slots allotted for Asia, two will be given to the Philippines.

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The lucky pair of winners will fly to Malaysia on August 26-28, 2016, and attend the Michelin Pilot Sport Experience. The package includes a round-trip plane ticket, two-night accommodation at a five-star hotel with breakfast, one pass to the Michelin track day itself, lunch during the Pilot Sport Experience, and transportation to and from the circuit. In other words, all you have to do is enjoy and take photos for your memories.

Before we start sounding like a multilevel marketing company tantalizing you with a fantasy, here’s what you need to do in order to join, according the rules (in italics):

To participate in the promotion, a participant has to leave a comment and/or picture on any Michelin Driving Passion Facebook post, which could be a video post or any other campaign post uploaded on the promotional Facebook page. The comments and/or pictures should explain--in whatever way the participant chooses--what drives his/her emotions. The winners will be selected among participants who posted the most creative or interesting comments and/or pictures in the opinion of the relevant promoter.

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Additionally, there is no limit to the entries one can submit--or post, in this case. The deadline for posting on the Michelin Driving Passion Facebook page is on July 29, 2016.

If you need more encouragement, the rules also state that the winner must have a valid driver’s license. You know what that means, right? You’ll get a chance to drive serious performance cars, because we all know the kind of machines that are shod with Michelin Pilot Sports. Winners will also get a chance to ride a modified two-seater Formula Le Mans car or a track-ready Lamborghini Huracan prepared for the Super Trofeo series.

It’s time to start mining your positive motoring memories and put them to good use.


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