You can now get your Hyundai vehicle serviced in 30 minutes

Less time waiting around the dealership
by Jason Tulio | Sep 10, 2017

The preventive maintenance service (PMS) is a sometimes tedious but necessary part of car ownership. Unless you're willing to go into the workshop and watch the pros in action, you can only drink so many cups of vending machine coffee to pass the time. Sure, you could read a good magazine instead (*cough*), but wouldn't it be better if your PMS was done quickly? If you own a Hyundai, you're in luck.

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Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI) has just launched its new Fast Track Service to replace the 1-hour Jet Service program. The Korean carmaker promises to get your PMS done in 30 minutes once it enters the service bay, or it's free. The service is done by a four-man team, and covers all Hyundai vehicles—including those with lapsed warranties but complete PMS history. 

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HARI president and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo says, “We are committed to go the extra mile to deliver service with heart, keeping to our ‘Gusto’ promise: kung ano ang Gusto mo, Kaya naming ibigay. Kasama ninyo ang Hyundai sa biyahe ng buhay. Trust that the culture of service excellence at Hyundai will continue to grow and live on.”

The service is now available in select dealerships nationwide. Less time waiting around the dealership means more time to do the things you love, right? 

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PHOTO: Hyundai Asia Resources
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