Isuzu to build Mazda's next pickup truck

Next BT-50 will be truly Japanese
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Jul 12, 2016

Mazda is a brand that thrives on producing sporty, fun-to-drive cars. Whether it is the iconic MX-5 or the practical CX-5, the Hiroshima-based carmaker manages to inject its trademark "Zoom-zoom" spirit into each of its offerings.

However, Mazda knows that in order to garner more sales, it needs to compete in such segments like the pickup class. This is why it has a product like the BT-50--a project with former shareholder Ford. But now that both firms have severed all ties, Mazda still wants to duke it out in the pickup wars. To do this, it has enlisted the help of renowned truck maker Isuzu Motors.

The agreement calls for Isuzu providing a next-generation pickup for Mazda Motor Corporation. Isuzu will build the trucks, and Mazda will market them around the world. The tie-up is seen as a win-win deal for both parties, as Mazda gets to improve its product coverage, while Isuzu can easily enhance its competitiveness.

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The Mazda-Isuzu partnership is nothing new. Industry insiders will note that Isuzu has been producing Mazda trucks for the Japanese market for the past 10 years. The newest deal is a testament to their bond, and will hopefully signal bigger things to come.

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While no date has been set for the new pickup's rollout, we look forward to the fruit of this marriage. Will we be seeing a sportier Isuzu pickup or a tougher Mazda one, perhaps?


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