Land Rover PH to donate P100,000 to Yolanda victims for every unit sold

Through month of November
Nov 10, 2013


One positive that comes out of a calamity in this country is that everyone pools together resources to help the victims. The same is true even in the automotive industry. A good example is Land Rover Philippines executive director Marc Soong, who posted the above photo on his Instagram account with the following caption:

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We flock together again in this time of need. Let\'s get together and help the victims of typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Any Land Rover sold, we will also donate P100,000 to the calamity (victims). Plus, we will do our best to support all relief efforts.

When we asked Soong to elaborate on this, he said: \"We will donate P100,000 for every sold unit of Land Rover and also Jaguar for the entire month of November. What happened is just terrible. I want to gather all 4x4 clubs already. We have to organize something.\"

Soong\'s family also owns the local distributor for Jaguar.

God bless the guy and his two premium brands. So, if you know anyone who is seriously considering buying a luxury SUV or sedan, maybe you can convince that person to get a Land Rover or a Jaguar this month. It would mean a lot to the victims of Yolanda, especially those in Tacloban.

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UPDATE: Due to the negative reaction by some narrow-minded individuals to this story, Land Rover Philippines executive director Marc Soong is canceling the above plan, but is still donating P100,000 per unit sold last Sunday, November 10. \"I have gotten so much negative feedback that it feels terrible how people can have so much hate in them and look at me so low for what I thought was a positive effort,\" Marc told us. \"Many said that it was a marketing ploy taking advantage of the disaster. Well, it wasn\'t and we are just retracting everything. We shall remain silent on what we will be doing for the typhoon victims. If anyone was offended, I had nothing but good intentions. I apologize to anyone who may have seen it differently.\"

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