Last known photo of Paul Walker goes viral on social media

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Dec 2, 2013


The photo above, apparently, is the last known image taken of Paul Walker alive, and it has gone viral on social media. This image is said to have been captured moments before the actor went on a star-crossed joyride in the Porsche Carrera GT with his friend and business associate Roger Rodas, who reportedly owned the car and was also a professional race driver.

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The pair co-owned a high-end automotive aftermarket shop called Always Evolving.

According to celebrity news website TMZ, Walker attended a fundraising event organized by AE and his charity organization, Reach Out Worldwide. It has been said that the main beneficiaries of this specific event were the survivors of super typhoon Yolanda.

TMZ reported that Walker saw the Carrera GT being worked on by AE mechanics as it had been \"acting up.\" The photo seems to show the actor trying to help in backing the car up. When the mechanics couldn\'t fix the car, TMZ said, Rodas decided to put matters in his own hands by taking it for a spin. Walker tagged along and rode shotgun.

Less than half an hour later, the two men met their fiery demise, \"just 500 yards from the (AE) shop.\"

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