Mahindra wins 'Best New Product' at 2016 Transport and Logistics Show

A step forward for the Indian carmaker
by Drei Laurel | Aug 22, 2016

When Indian car manufacturer Mahindra first arrived in the Philippines, company officials proudly declared that its products were aimed toward regular Filipinos and businesses. Lofty goals at the time, but one which the brand seemed determined to achieve.

Fast-forward to more than a year later and Mahindra still seems intent on fulfilling its mission. The company's Business Solutions lineup recently won the 'Best New Product' at the recently concluded 2016 Transport and Logistics Show in Pasay City.

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Included in the award-winning line of vehicles were the Xylo E2, the Enforcer Panoramic Van and the Enforcer Transporter. The Xylo is Mahindra's latest AUV offering in the Philippine market, while the Enforcer Transporter model has made a name for itself as the go-to transport of the country's law enforcement personnel. The Panoramic Van variant of the Enforcer, meanwhile, is an air-conditioned 12-seater van.

It's not too difficult to see how the aforementioned models could appeal to your average Juan: They're cheap, make for decent transportation and get the job done. Simply put, they're a practical bunch of vehicles. Not bad.

While it might still be a little while before the company even comes close to achieving its ultimate goal to become a top three player in its target market, small steps forward like these are an indication that the brand isn't letting up.

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PHOTO: Mahindra Philippines
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