Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar duke it out on social media with video ads

With chickens instead of cars
Dec 18, 2013


In September, Mercedes-Benz released a video that demonstrated how its Magic Body Control system works using chickens. As it so happens, the video was not only entertaining to watch, it also proved to be so effective in getting its message across that it soon spread virally in social-media networks.

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Naturally, Jaguar--one of the German carmaker\'s rivals--didn\'t want to be outdone, so it countered the video with one of its own, denouncing the Magic Body Control system and instead declaring that it preferred \"cat-like reflexes.\"

Interestingly enough, not for a single instance did both videos feature a car.

Anyway, check out the two videos below and tell us if you\'d rather have a Mercedes-Benz or a Jaguar.


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