Michelin PH launches Primacy 4 tires

'Safe when new, safe when worn'
by Jason Tulio | Sep 5, 2018
PHOTO: Jason Tulio

Michelin Philippines has just launched its new Primacy 4 range. With the slogan 'Safe when new, safe when worn,' the tiremaker promises "lasting safety and excellent performance" throughout the product's life cycle.

The engineering behind the new tire, Michelin explains, took three years to develop., and consists of the EverGrip and Silent Grip technologies. During comissioned testing in Thailand, Michelin found that its tires stop 2.5m shorter when new, and 5.1m shorter when worn compared to other brands. They also claim that their worn Primacy 4 tires actually brake 1.8m shorter than some brand-new tires. 

Michael Nunag, the chief representative for Michelin in the Philippines, says: “A tire’s grip and braking performance—especially on wet roads—is critical to road safety in our country. Filipino consumers today choose their tires based on their characteristics when they are new. But what happens to grip and braking performance after 50,000 kilometers, or after a few years of use? In the tire industry, performance tests are typically conducted on new products. Michelin is a step ahead. We want to demonstrate that our performance is maintained with mileage and time." 

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The Primacy 4 is available in 64 sizes, ranging from 15 to 18 inches in diameter. 

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PHOTO: Jason Tulio
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