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Motostrada Inc. expands by handing over the “trident” and adding a new “horseman” to its growing business

A new breed of leaders is set to energize the luxury car sector of the automotive industry
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Mody Llamas Jr., President of Ferrari Philippines and Sam Verzosa, President of Maserati Philippines

There's a changing of the guards taking place in the supercar community—a new breed of leaders is set to energize the luxury car sector of the automotive industry.

On the helm now is Dennis Uy, the head of the Udenna Group of Companies and Dennison Holdings. On October 2018, the luxury car segment of the market welcomed Uy and Motostrada as Ferrari and Maserati’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines. He intends to revitalize the market with partner Sam Verzosa. "When it comes to supercars, Ferrari has always been the top of the line carmaker," Mr. Uy relates. "We see a big untapped market that we can still grow further."

L-R: Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri , Dennis Uy, Sam Verzosa and Mody Llamas Jr. at the Ferrari Dealer Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy

Sam Verzosa of Frontrow is now the President of Modena Motorsports through which he will head Maserati, while Mody Llamas Jr., Sam’s business partner in the mining and real estate industry, is now the President of Motostrada Inc., which will oversee Ferrari in the country.

“I’m very excited to start this new venture as president of Maserati Philippines, together with my business partner Mody, who will head Ferrari Philippines, our chairman Dennis, and of course, with Willie Soong, our Chairman Emeritus," says Verzosa, who aims to steer Ferrari and Maserati through an evolving luxury automobile landscape.

L-R: Willie Soong, RS Francisco, Sam Verzosa and Mody Llamas Jr.

It is widely known that Verzosa and RS Francisco are behind the multinational direct selling giant, Frontrow Enterprise. “RS, my business partner in Frontrow, will also come in as Managing Director for Marketing. His expertise in advertising and marketing are key factors in the success of the Frontrow brand. I am very confident that he will do the same here," Verzosa explains.

The new people behind the Ferrari and Maserati brands are bent on creating strategies that will cater not only to the elite but also to those who are striving to succeed in life, which is considered a breath of fresh air.

Simon Inglefield, the General Manager of Maserati South East Asia Pacific, has also expressed his support. With Verzosa heading the Italian car brand, he is certain that the new leadership will bring Maserati to new heights in the Philippines. “I see a promising future with Sam as the newly appointed president of Modena Motorsports,” Inglefield points out.

L-R: Dennis Uy, Sam Verzosa and Mody Llamas Jr. at the Ferrari Dealer Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy

“Our direction is to make the aspirational brand relatable and achievable. Brands like Ferrari and Maserati have long been the status symbols for luxury and the paramount of success. We would like to expand on that idea and make these brands the symbols of hard work and dedication,” Verzosa adds.

Innovative marketing, backed up by good after-sales services and a dedicated team of professionals, are the reasons why the captured luxury car market keeps on flourishing. With this changing of the guards, the supercar community can look forward to more exciting times.

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