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Movie actress Isabel Granada is Haima PH's new brand ambassador

She's a Haima 2 owner

Isabel Granada is Haima PH's new brand ambassador

While attending the launch of the Haima H1, we couldn't help but notice this pretty young thing mingling with the crowd. We still remember her as part of That's Entertainment, so that still counts. But seriously, seeing actress Isabel Granada posing for photos, we wondered when she'd be courted to serve as a promoter for the brand. And apparently, finally, she is. Last Sunday, Haima officially welcomed her to the "family" as its new brand ambassador.

Granada is understandably all praises for the brand, noting that cars like the Haima 2 are "easy to drive, with outstanding fuel economy," and are a "sure fit for everyone in any road and driving condition," but you actually expect that of a brand ambassador. It's part of the job, really.

What you don't expect is that the lovely lady is a Haima owner herself, having purchased a Haima 2 earlier this year. Apparently, she's happy enough with the purchase to agree to lend her face to the brand, pointing out that the aftersales and customer support of the Laus Group have made ownership trouble-free so far. We guess the open invitation for all owners to attend special events and occasions doesn't hurt, either. In fact, it was at the H1 launch, with all the photographers converging on the lady, that the company realized the potential for a tie-up was there.

See what happens when you're nice to your customers?

Photos from Haima Philippines' Facebook page

Isabel Granada is Haima PH's new brand ambassador

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