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Nismo teaming up with Williams F1 affiliate to create performance cars

A much-needed shot in the arm for Nissan


Nismo, Nissan\'s in-house tuning company, will be working with Williams Advanced Engineering to create high-performance variants of the Japanese carmaker\'s products. Williams Advanced Engineering is a division of the Williams Group, making it a sister company of the Williams F1 outfit.

\"Nismo is a brand built from over 30 years of racing experience, and so it is fitting that we chose to work with a like-minded company such as Williams to develop the higher-performance versions of our products,\" said Nismo president Shoichi Miyatani. \"Williams has a proven history of making racing technology benefit road cars, and we look forward to starting this relationship during a period of intensive product development for Nismo.\"

Using its expertise on aerodynamics, simulation and material science, Williams Advanced Engineering will join Nismo\'s engineering team to develop future Nismo products for launch worldwide from 2014 and beyond.

\"Williams Advanced Engineering has a history of developing world-class, high-performance products, and this agreement is particularly exciting because of the ambition and potential of the Nismo brand,\" added Williams Group founder Frank Williams. \"Both parties share a passion for racing and cutting-edge technology, and this collaboration will see us work closely together to develop cars that will be at the forefront of automotive technology.”

Nissan needs all the help it can get to develop high-performance models of its cars. Apparently, part of its \"Power 88\" plan, which the carmaker revealed in June 2011, is to introduce \"one (Nismo) model every year\" for the program\'s six-year run and will encompass Nissan\'s road-car range.

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